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I am Rainer Rösing. Freelance
UX Designer

Communication and interaction concepts for digital experiences and services. Based in Hamburg.

Short Facts

Ideas, concepts, wireframes, prototypes & presentations for digital services, responsive platforms, mobile products, campaign microsites or activation specials. / +49-177-4377957

Staying fluid in a continously changing digital industry.

However you call it: User Experience Designer, Information Architect, Concept Developer, Digital Creative. For me it means fascination with developing digital products & online communication.

The combination of my academic education (Information Management & Corporate Communication), five years of work experience in the creative digital industry and my personal passion ensures a continuous growing set of tools and methods for the world of digital communication. This results in a rich and wide variety of knowledge across all digital fields.

From art to tech, from creating to leading, from mobile to desktop, from rough to fine concepts, from idea scripts to rich presentations, from social media to service design, from integrated campaigns to pure digital products.

In the end I am motivated to create a solid product and a valuable experience online, creating a seamless, simple, and useful interaction between a user and a product or a brand. I believe that empathy is the key to users needs.

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Strategy focused.

I want to create indispensable products, which for me means understanding long-termed user & business needs first.

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Methodical driven.

A defined scope & process with clear requirements or user stories are the fundamental basis for creative ideas, products and architectures.

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Output orientated.

I love the process of making things tangible and specific, from mockups to wireframes to functional prototypes.

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Dev experienced.

I keep myself up-to-date with the latest web development trends and techniques by coding my own projects for fun.

Still celebrating:
Every single result.

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Platforms & Microsites

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Mobile Device Projects

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Activation & Special Ideas

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Lets get it on.
Here are my latest major projects.

I want to focus on recent stuff, giving you an impression of my capabilities. Please keep in mind that these are just the visual results of often long-termed processes including a lot of consulting and elaborating.

Vodafone first sailed mona lisa UX project teaser

The first sailed Mona Lisa. Vodafone.

Responsive WebGL Campaign Microsite // © 2014 LLR Hamburg

Vodafone wants to give people the chance to do special things first. On the Microsite "First Sailed Mona Lisa" it was possible to watch Lasse Klötzing and his team live while sailing the very first Mona Lisa into the baltic sea, based on GPS coordinates. Supporters where able to submit support messages while live data from the boat was displayed on the website and all ongoing action on and around the boat was documented in a social stream.

Live site hance case

Message for you UX project teaser

Message For You. Chocolat Frey.

Responsive Product Microsite // © 2014 LLR Hamburg

To introduce the new and unique chocolat product "Message For You" on the international market, we created an appealing microsite, representing the look and feel of the products campaign. With that product, people can rearrange chocolat blocks to create personal textual combinations, to create a unique and situational gift. To explain the product, we reinterpretated the mechanic of rearranging the blocks with a digital tool on the microsite.

Live site hance case

APGD UX project teaser

Magazin & Community. APGD.

Responsive Website Concept // © 2014 LLLR Hamburg

The Account Planning Group Germany wanted to modernise their website to become more appealing to current and potential members. Beside putting a higher focus on the mission of the APGD, a main objective of the relaunch was to create more interaction with the site and its content. Therefore we created various new content formats, involving the members more than before and delievering a wider range of subjects for different interests.

Live site hance case

Sure, you can see more.
But please specify your needs.

I have a lot more projects to show, some are on Behance, but not everythings should be public (especially freelance projects). Microsites, Mobile, Social Media, Competitions, Creative Activation. Just get in contact with me.

Brand and Client experience.

I am thankful that I had the chance to work with various clients from different industries with unique requirements and user needs: Automotive, travel, food, service, authorities...

Red Bull
Berlin Airport
Coca Cola
Deutsche Post
Account Planning Group

Don’t trust a portfolio.
Trust some real people.

Awards and Features.

My motivation is absolutely not driven by awards and fame. It is driven by the wish of creating useful things. But I still like the appreciation of results.

Autovision Award.

Social Media Silver.

2013 - Mercedes-Benz - YouTube Gadget.

Ion Artist 2014.


Creative challenge about sports gear customization.

Deutscher Digital Award.

Shortlist Microsite/Campaignsite.

2015 - Vodafone - The first sailed Mona Lisa.

Don`t hesitate to get in touch.
Or just stalk me.

I am located in Hamburg, but I don`t mind at all to work also in other cities like Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart... Let`s talk about your project.

+49 (0) 177 43 77 957